Looks like a drone,
shines like a lamp.

About Kes Hamminga

The beginning

The product 

My name is Kes Hamminga, I am thirteen years old and in second grade. Later I want to go to university to study industrial engineering there. Then become an entrepreneur. This is already my first company.

A drone looks a bit like a chandelier, I thought. That is how I came up with the idea to turn a real drone frame into a pendant lamp. I am in the second class of Atheneum College Hageveld in Heemstede. There I could opt for a "broadening project" in which I could start a business. Because I would like to become an entrepreneur later, I developed my idea of the drone lamp into my first company.

The "drone lamp" is an exclusive design lamp in the form of a drone. The frame is made of carbon fiber which gives it an extra innovative look. The arms are equipped with real rotor blades, LED spots and LED lighting that give the design lamp a futuristic look. The price of the drone lamp is 726 euros.